Philips Panorama .23T Open

Philips Panorama .23T Open

  • * Starting at $85,140

The Philips Panorama .23T is an open veterinary MRI popular for its performance, image quality, and ability to meet the needs of today’s veterinary clinics and hospitals. As a low-field MRI with an open gantry design, the Philips Panorama .23T is optimal for imaging and accommodating larger patients, such as farm and bovine animals. However, it remains widely used for its diagnostic imaging capabilities among domestic animals and pets.

In terms of its imaging quality, the Philips Panorama .23T open MRI offers faster reconstruction times at 300 images/second as well as gradient specifications. Other important features for this vet MRI include:

  • Supported MR-guided interventions for minimally invasive procedures, targeted surgery, and reduced patient recovery time.
  • Optional OptoGuide functionality for real-time needle tracking.
  • Ability to perform high-end applications involving abdominal and cardiac scans.

The Philips Panorama .23T open MRI is also low-maintenance and aims to keep operating costs down. For instance, this veterinary MRI features a resistive magnet, allowing the MRI to shut down when not in use, saving your clinic on electricity costs. Also, because it doesn’t use a helium cooling system, you won’t have to worry about costly cryogen fills.

PrizMED Imaging Philips Panorama .23T MRI machine review:

This is a solid open MRI system that has a low price and is less expensive to maintain than other MRI systems. It’s cooling method and ability to power-down saves in long-term expenses, making this an excellent system for the budget-conscious buyer.

The Panorama .23 MRI is ideal for general imaging centers as well as spinal and orthopedic clinics.

PrizMED Imaging Philips Panorama .23T MRI Features:

  • Resistive Core Magnet
  • 46cm Open Bore
  • Closed-Loop chilled-water cooled
  • Performance of up to 50 slices/sec
  • Digital RF System
  • Synergy Receive Platform
  • LCD Monitor
  • Pads and Cushions
  • Coils: Head Coil/Neck Coils/Shoulder/Medium and X-Large Body Spine Coil, 3 Size Small-Medium-Large Flex Coil/ And Extremity
  • Imaging Modes
    • Single
    • Multislice
    • Volume
    • Dynamic
    • SIMEX
    • Multichunk 3D
    • Multiple Stacks
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