Toshiba Opart

Toshiba Opart

  • * Starting at $73,260


The Toshiba Opart MRI system brings the power of a superconducting magnet to a open architecture MR imaging system to provide unsurpassed imaging detail and patient comfort. Purchasing a used Toshiba Opart MRI machine will place your practice at the leading edge of imaging techniques, helping you stay competitive.

Each Toshiba Opart MRI system features a range of coils for head-to-toe imaging capabilities and the latest software for customized, automated operations and advanced high-field sequencing.

Refurbished Toshiba Opart Features

  • Industry's first, open superconducting magnet
  • Open architecture for all-around patient access
  • Cryogenless magnet design
  • Four-way movement through motorized patient couch or manual floating tabletop
  • Long horizontal opening (105 cm) and largest vertical opening (55 cm)
  • Up to 500 lbs accommodated
  • Restricted mechanical vibration for fast scanning
  • Patient access from four sides for comfort and ease
  • Quadrature, solenoid and multi-channel coil configurations
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