Our GE CT Scanners systems are re-certified prior to shipment
Purchasing GE CT Scanners is a large investment. Many factors need to be considered before a final decision is made. Does the unit meet my scanning needs?
GE is one of the most popular and sought-after brands for used CT Scanners. GE has an excellent reputation for manufacturing durable and low-maintenance CT Machines. PrizMED Imaging has many refurbished GE CT scanners for sale, including 4-slice, 8-slice, 16-slice, and 64-slice machines. We acquire and stock many different types of GE CTs, including our most popular sellers: the GE Lightspeed 16, GE QXI, GE VCT64, and GE Brightspeed machines. All GE machines are air-cooled, and many of our customers prefer GE because they are often less expensive to maintain. Interested in a GE CT Scanner? Call to speak with a PrizMED Imaging sales expert today at 440-414-7539