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Siemens 1.5T Aera XQ
Siemens 1.5T Aera XQ
Siemens 1.5T Aera XQ
Siemens 1.5T Aera XQ

Siemens 1.5T Aera XQ

  • $825,850

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CT Scanner

In the market for a CT Scanner? Finding the right CT Scanner takes more than just comparing pricing.

To truly understand the value of your purchase, consider your patient’s needs, slice count, room planning/layout, as well as shipping, installation and service costs.

MRI Equipment

Purchasing an MRI machine is a large investment. Many factors need to be considered before a final decision is made. Does the unit meet my scanning needs? Will the scanner fit into the space or build out we have?

Have we taken into consideration certain costs associated with purchasing an MRI - shielding, shipping and transportation, service contracts, compliancy & warranties, room design/planning.

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