About PrizMED

We got our start in the industry in the late 1990’s with a $10,000 investment from family members who believed in our simple, but profound mission and vision: Reduce healthcare costs through cost effective and value added offerings of high-quality capital medical imaging equipment solutions. This mission has not changed in more than 20 years.

After three months and no sales, and the bank account showing a robust balance of $12.13 (a framed copy of the bank slip remains in our lobby), our faith in our vision was truly being put to the test.

Undaunted, we stayed the course. Slowly, clients started to believe and trust in our offerings. Small successes began to happen. These successes started to grow. We added to the team. Repeat business from customers became an important part of our business (to this day, one of the most important metrics we pay attention to).

As the business grew we stood by one underlying principle:  Exceed every customers expectation.  This principle is an underlying value of our company to this day.  We strive to exceed expectations in our product offerings, customer service and ongoing support offerings.

From multi-state hospital systems, to imaging centers and private medical practices, there is no client too large or too small.  We accept the challenge of gaining and retaining trust for all sizes and types of medical facilities giving equal attention to all. 

Whether you are looking to purchase an MRI or CT scanner, or need a full turn-key installation of both, we look forward to the opportunity to serve those needs. Post installation warranty and annual service contracts are also available and are an important part of the ongoing support we offer our clients.

We have served all over the US and 14 countries with top of the line refurbished imaging equipment. From the deserts of Africa, to the to 12th floor of a medical building in Montreal, to stand alone clinics, imaging centers and veterinary practices all across America, we pride ourselves in the design, build, installation and servicing of a diverse group of MRI and CT projects.

It is amazing what a company can achieve when everyone you work with believes in a vision and has an underlying desire to put customer needs first.  We inspire each other and the industry through our values – trust, customer success, and equality. These are the values we expect everyone in our company to uphold.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We look forward to gaining your trust on not only your next project, but all of you MRI and CT projects in the years to come.


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