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Purchasing Veterinary CT Scanner is a large investment. Many factors need to be considered before a final decision is made. Does the unit meet my scanning needs?

Veterinary CT Scanner

Deliver life-saving care with an affordable CT scanner
  • Reduced costs for refurbished, FDA-approved veterinary CT scanners from top manufacturers
  • Availability of 4-, 6-, 8-, and high end 16-slice CT scanners, as well as fixed and mobile options
  • Mobile CT scanners allow for shared service among networked veterinarians
  • Expert, friendly customer support helps you find the right CT scanner for your veterinary clinic’s needs and goals
  • CT scanner service and repair available for dramatically reducing downtime

CT scanners have been an industry standard for diagnostic imaging in human medicine for many years. Recently, however, CT technology and equipment have started making its way through many veterinary clinics and hospitals throughout the United States. The rise in CT use in vet clinics is due, partly, to reduced costs of refurbished scanners as well as the advantages that CT provides in image quality compared to conventional X-ray, especially with regards to image detail and manipulation capabilities.

With 4-, 6-, 8-, 16-slice and 64 slice vet CT systems from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, PrizMED Imaging provides reliable, comprehensive support to ensure that your veterinarian clinic receives optimal equipment, at the right price, and for your specific veterinary medicine needs.

Considerations like gantry size, CT strength, and other features such as radiation dose optimization, are central to the CT scanner buying decision, while factors such as price and CT operating costs need to be balanced with the potential revenue that veterinary diagnostic imaging equipment can provide.

Most veterinarians will find that the 4-, 6-, and 8-slice scanners are entirely suitable for virtually all of their clinical applications. Additionally, the low slice count and XR29 compliance among these scanners allows for greatly reduced prices, bringing the costs of CT ownership into a befitting range for veterinarians.

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CT Scanner Uses in Veterinary Medicine

Computed tomography (CT) technology is very important when it comes to in-depth, high-resolution diagnostic animal imaging, including for domestic animals such as dogs and cats of virtually any size.

Veterinary CTs are widely used to diagnose abnormalities in the brain, nose, ear, and musculoskeletal system. Compared to other radiography and ultrasound techniques, CT also provides increased levels of information that technicians and veterinarians can use to provide better diagnostic accuracy and confidence, as well as veterinary care.

Other standard uses of CT in veterinary medicine include:

  • Diagnosing lung, nasal, or ear diseases in animals
  • Screening lungs for metastatic cancer
  • Diagnosing abdominal and orthopedic conditions
  • Increasing tissue differentiation when iodine-based contrast media is injected
  • Guiding tissue sampling of deep structures within the thorax
  • Conducting oncology or trauma cases in animals

Additionally, CT scanning is an optimal solution when treating pets and other animals that have metal implants, and are therefore unable to be imaged with MRI.

How to Find a CT Scanner for Your Veterinary Clinic

For the most part, veterinarians are quite cost-conscious when it comes to diagnostic imaging equipment. As such, balancing the costs of a veterinary CT scanner with your clinic’s needs and revenue opportunities should be central to the purchasing or renting decision.

In other words, the first question you should ask is whether adding CT services to your practice will be a viable solution. With reduced costs for refurbished CT scanners, and the wide range of benefits that a vet clinic can receive only by adding CT diagnostic imaging to their treatment services, an increasing number of veterinarians have found that CT is the way forward in providing more thorough and comprehensive care for pets and animals.

To leverage CT costs, your clinic’s needs, and the individual CT features on different models from top manufacturers, it’s essential to look at several factors, such as:

  • The CT Slice Count and the Types of Studies Performed: Slice count is often a major factor when gauging whether a specific CT scanner is right for your clinic and the types of studies you plan to perform. Low-slice scanners, such as 4-, 6-, and 8-slice veterinary CTs are definitely suitable for the majority of imaging and diagnostic studies that most vets conduct. When performing oncology, trauma, or research studies, however, you may want a higher-slice scanner, such as a 16-slice CT.
  • The Size of the Patient and the CT Gantry and Table: A significant differentiation between CT scanners is the size of the scanner’s gantry (opening) and its table weight limit. Unless you are scanning larger animals such as horses and pigs, for instance, a 70cm gantry should be enough.
  • Differences Between Fixed and Mobile CT scanners: Fixed CT scanners are the ones that operate from an installed position in your clinic or hospital, while mobile CT scanners are installed in a customized, mobile trailer that you can park wherever convenient for your practice. Mobile CT scanners can also be shared among several veterinary clinics. Keep in mind that both fixed and mobile CT scanners have their pros and cons, whereas the right type depends highly on your clinical needs as well as the space in your clinic, your budget, and the possibility/desire for shared service.

Other factors to consider when buying or renting a veterinary CT scanner include the scanner’s installation requirements, the radiation shielding capabilities at your clinic, and the HVAC, power, and engineering requirements for installing and reliably running the scanner.

Veterinary CT Scanner Costs

The initial buying and renting costs, as well as the continual operational costs, are some of the most important factors influencing many veterinarians’ choice of a CT scanner. There’s a good reason for this too. Years ago, the high prices of a CT scanner outweighed its benefit for the average veterinary clinic; today, improved technology among refurbished CT systems allows an affordable price (initial and operating) that makes it possible for many clinics to receive a positive ROI.

When imaging pets and animals, including domestic animals such as dogs and cats, you’ll need to use anesthesia to keep the animal from moving (and to ensure a clear and high-resolution image). As a result, anesthesia can become a significant cost that veterinarians need to weigh. From installation costs to operational expenses and more, it’s critical to balance all of your expenses with the potential revenue that your CT scanner can offer.

In terms of a refurbished CT scanner, the specific price depends on several factors, from the model and manufacturer to the age of the system. Nevertheless, for the veterinarian CT scanners available here, you can expect some of the following price ranges:

  • 4-Slice CT Scanner — 40-60k
  • 6-Slice CT Scanner — 45-65k
  • 8-Slice CT Scanner — 60-80k
  • 16-Slice CT Scanner — 100-120k
  • 64 slice CT Scanner — 160-200k

Service and Repair for Veterinary CT Scanners

Like any other machine, CT scanners will break down over time and require routine repair and service. Furthermore, making sure that your vet CT scanner is functioning properly also ensures that patients and physicians are receiving accurate, high-resolution images.

PrizMED Imaging has everything you need to complete CT scanner service and repair. Our expert technicians will come to your clinic or hospital and work with your in-house repair and maintenance department to provide a cost-effective means of getting your CT equipment up-and-running.

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