Imaging Room Design

At Prizmed Imaging Solutions, we understand the importance of having a well-designed medical imaging room that meets the specific needs of your facility. That's why we offer comprehensive room design services for all of our customers.

PrizMed Site Planning Sample

Our Room Design Process:

1. Preliminary Equipment Placement Drawings:

Using the room dimensions and floor plans provided by the customer, our team creates preliminary equipment placement drawings. These drawings are then reviewed by the customer and distributed to the architect and general contractor for further review and feedback.

MRI CAD Drawing


2. Final Equipment Placement Drawings:

    After incorporating the feedback from the customer and other stakeholders, our Project Management Team creates final equipment placement drawings. These drawings are reviewed and approved by the customer and then distributed to the architect and general contractor.

    MRI Room Design drawing

    3. Finalization of Room Design:

    Once the final equipment placement drawings are approved, the customer signs and returns the document to our Project Management Team. This signifies the finalization of the room design process and acknowledges that the room will be built by the customer's general contractor according to the drawing's specifications.

    CT Scanner

    Why Choose Prizmed Imaging Solutions?

    • Comprehensive room design services that take into account the specific needs of your facility.
    • Close collaboration with your architect and general contractor to ensure a smooth installation process.
    • Flexibility to revise drawings throughout the process to meet your changing needs.
    • Expertise in designing rooms for CT and MRI machines to ensure optimal functionality.

    Partner with Prizmed Imaging Solutions for your medical imaging room design needs, and rest assured that your facility will have a well-designed and fully functional imaging room. Contact us today to learn more about our services.