Magnify Your MRI Performance With DuoFLEX Flexible MRI Coils

Replacement MR Coils add Functionality and Flexibility to your GE or Siemens MRI Machine

Thinking of upgrading to a newer, more advanced MRI system but lacking the six- or seven-figure capital investment? That’s certainly not unusual for the majority of hospitals, clinics, and private imaging centers. But with MR Instruments DuoFLEX Coil Suite flexible MRI Coils, you can replace MR coils at a fraction of the cost, while increasing ease and functionality to your Siemens MRI or GE MRI scanner.

Instead of opting for a new or used MRI machine or buying an OEM replacement MR Coil, you can achieve similar imaging and performance results by replacing your current MRI’s old and rigid radiofrequency (RF) surface coils with the high-quality DuoFLEX Coil Suite of 8-channel, flexible MR coils, including 10cm and 24cm coils as well as the Interventional Coil for invasive MR procedures.

The primary benefits of the DuoFLEX advanced RF coils include:

  • Value — One coil suite for 100% of your market’s population and multiple-anatomy scanning capabilities
  • Versatility — From pediatrics to whole-body cancer scans, DuoFLEX scans any patient, any time
  • Vision — Engineered for optimal image quality on sub-optimal anatomy with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio

By calling PrizMED Imaging today to upgrade your Siemens MRI or GE MRI with the DuoFLEX Coil Suite, we can help you add these advanced coils to your MRI scanning capabilities. Call our experts today for more information, and continue reading below to discover how the DuoFLEX MRI coils can benefit you.


Benefits for Administrators, Technologists, and Radiologists

The DuoFLEX flexible coil’s main benefits are value, versatility, and vision (the 3 “Vs”). What this exactly means for you and your clinic or imaging department, however, depends on who you are as well as your goals.  Whether you're looking to replace/repair your broken MRI coil or looking to buy additional MR Coils, you can purchase a DuoFlex coil suite to save money while increasing your clinical capabilities over your MR Coil.

You’re a Hospital or Clinic Administrator, Operating Manager, or CFO

The DuoFLEX flexible coils are designed to extend the life of your clinic’s current MRI equipment while maintaining or improving imaging quality for optimal patient care. From an administrative perspective, here’s what the DuoFLEX coils can do for your hospital or clinic:

  • Replace the anatomy-specific, time-consuming, and costly rigid coils with one, multi-purpose coil suit at a lower MR coil price
  • Speed up patient throughput for additional studies in a single day, increasing reimbursements for quantifiable ROI
  • Use the DuoFLEX coils as an outstanding backup coil, or use your current coils as the backup options, dramatically reducing downtime and saving money on repairs

You’re an MRI Technician

Optimal image quality, coil versatility, and long-term coil operation are some central concerns for many MRI technicians and related professionals, and if this sounds like you, the DuoFLEX coils have some benefits you may be interested in:

  • The DuoFLEX 8-channel coil design bridges flexibility and image quality
  • Flex-fit coils conform to various patients and their various anatomy for improved patient comfort and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Achieve high-resolution images of small parts while securing comprehensive anatomical coverage and positioning via the DuoFLEX 24cm coils or a combination of the 24cm and the 10cm coils
  • Reduce coil artifact over traditional stiff MR coils from GE or Siemens

You’re a Radiologist

Finally, if you’re a radiologist, physician, or any other medical professional involved with the acquiring and the interpretation of images, the DuoFLEX coils have some benefits aimed at you:

  • 8-channel technology improves overall image quality, meaning higher diagnosis confidence and increased accuracy
  • Having the flex-fit coil design increases patient comfort, reduces SNR, and allows clearer images, faster
  • High-resolution small parts imaging with the 10cm coil, and comprehensive anatomical coverage with the 24cm coils or a combination of both

Furthermore, even if you’re working on an older, refurbished MRI scanner, the advanced flex coils allow you to be more competitive in the market from an image quality standpoint.


DuoFLEX Coil Suite Imaging and Performance

MR Instrument's DuoFLEX coils use advanced, flexible RF coil technology and a unique phased array configuration to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) while you're imaging virtually any anatomical feature of various patients. This combination of versatility and high-end technology is what makes the DuoFLEX a great option for your hospital or clinic, but let's jump into some specifics.

Achieving Optimal Image Quality

Image quality, image quality, image quality — it's a phrase so exhausted in this field that it loses its flavor. But as a cornerstone benefit of the DuoFLEX coils, image quality is definitely a pertinent topic.

Compared to 1, 4, or 8-channel rigid coils, the flexible 8-channel DuoFLEX coils capture more signal (information) and less noise, creating a clearer, sharper, and more uniform image. Additionally, by gathering more data, you can take advantage of parallel imaging techniques.

Achieving sharp, high-resolution images with the DuoFLEX is also possible because of its sheer versatility. These multi-purpose coils flexibly conform to many parts of the patient's anatomy, allowing for as close a coil fit as possible. The closer the coil to the part being viewed, the stronger the signal.

Making Comfort a Part of MRI

Naturally, most patients don't expect comfort when getting an MRI. There's a reason for this, and those rigid, anatomy-specific coils might not accommodate every patient size. Uncomfortable patients tend to shift during the scan and blur images, wasting time and money.

Designed to provide a comfortable coil use, the DuoFLEX coils simply and gently rest on the desired anatomy. Regardless of the patient size, these coils conform to the body for greater comfort and calmer, stiller patients. Greater flexibility and comfort are also ideal when imaging patients with limited mobility or pain, including when performing spinal scans.

DuoFLEX Coil Placement on Hip

Multi-Purpose Coil Use

Having 5 to 7 anatomy-specific coils was once normal, and it was the only way to provide comprehensive coverage of various anatomy (and keeping a steady patient flow). Head, spine, torso, shoulder, wrist, knee, foot, TMJ, carotid, elbow, ankle, patella, toes, pelvis, hand, cardiac, hip, or ankle... the costs of these MR coils quickly add up while the downtime needed for changing coils kept patients waiting longer for much-needed scans.

The DuoFLEX coils, on the other hand, can wrap around and easily position on various anatomy, expanding scanning coverage with fewer coils.

As an example, a 10cm DuoFLEX can scan fingers, the patella, and the forefoot and toes. A 24cm DuoFLEX can scan the shoulder, hip, knee, and cardiac. A combination of both the 10cm and the 24cm opens up much of the rest of the body, including the chest, pelvis, spine, abdomen, and the extremities. Because these coils can be used on various parts of the body, the DuoFLEX coils can reduce (or virtually eliminate in some cases) the coil change-out between scans.

DuoFLEX Coil Compatibility

The DuoFLEX coils are FDA approved and CE Marked in Europe for 1.5T GE and Siemens scanners, and they are approved for sale with a clinical coil I.D.

As one of the leading authorities in refurbished MRI scanners, PrizMED Imaging can help you add DuoFLEX coils to your MRI imaging services. Achieve better image quality, more patient comfort, and greater versatility by calling PrizMED Imaging today at 440-414-7539 or by using the contact form below.