Mobile CT Scanner Rental

Rent a Mobile CT Scanner

When making any decision about a CT scanner, you're probably cautious about diving in headfirst and hoping the water's deep enough. Instead, you may want to test the waters. This is especially true if:

  • You're looking to buy a CT scanner or upgrade to a better one
  • You want to test the financial viability of CT services at your facility
  • You need an alternative option to your downed or otherwise unusable equipment

Whether testing technology for your facility or continuing CT services while a current system is out-of-order, renting a mobile CT scanner is a budget-conscious way for hospitals, clinics, and private medical imaging centers to offer CT scans without a major capital commitment.

At PrizMED Imaging Field Service, our CT Scanner Rental Program connects you with advanced mobile systems engineered for your unique needs.

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Advantages of Mobile CT Scanners

Mobile CT scanning has grown into an advantageous option in many settings. Clinics, hospitals, and private medical imaging centers, in both populated and rural settings, have found a wide range of advantages for an even wider range of applications.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Renting a mobile CT scanner doesn't require a huge upfront capital expense
  • Expenses for renting can come from a facility's operational budget
  • Mobile renting often comes with flexible terms and extension options
  • Mobile CT scanners are equipped for performance
  • Mobile CT scanners are designed for patient comfort
  • A mobile scanners can travel from one facility to another

There is a downside to renting. On average, renting a mobile CT scanner is more expensive than leasing or purchasing in the long-term.

Why Rent a Mobile CT Scanner?

Among rural clinics and hospitals, getting CT scans for local residents used to mean sending them to specialists located hours away. Today, a mobile CT scanner rental keeps clients local while offering periodic access to this technology at a more reasonable cost.

Additionally, the advanced technologies in many mobile imaging systems (such as GEToshibaSiemens, and Philips) enable a high patient throughput without compromising patient care, workflow, or image quality.

Mobile CT renting may be a viable solution for any type of hospital or clinic, regardless of size.

Six other reasons why you should consider renting a mobile CT scanner include:

  1. Renting allows you to test the market and your customer base, providing a "trial run" to see if purchasing a CT scanner will make a good investment.
  2. A mobile rental provides a temporary solution when your current CT system has technical issues, construction problems, or design delays.
  3. While a CT exam room is undergoing renovations, a mobile CT scanner rental allows you to continue seeing patients and bring in income.
  4. Mobile renting provides an easy and economical solution for research studies or short-term, portable CT scanning.
  5. If you have a growing backlog of patients, a CT rental working alongside your current scanner can dramatically reduce the backlog.
  6. A mobile CT rental might not be financially intelligent for a single, low-traffic clinic. However, for a network of low-traffic hospitals and clinics, a mobile CT scanner can run a route, stop at multiple clinics, and serve each facility's needs.


Mobile CT Scanner Price

And now, the part you've waiting for — how much does a mobile CT rental cost?

The cost of a mobile CT scanner rental depends on several factors, ranging from the make and model of the medical imaging equipment to the length of the rental term.

For instance:

  • A weekly mobile CT rental can cost from $4,000 to $8,000.
  • A monthly mobile CT rental can cost from $16,000 to $32,000.
  • For yearly rentals, the costs highly depend on make and model.

In general, shorter rental terms have higher costs, while longer rental terms open up greater discounts. For long-term solutions, you may want to consider leasing.


Additional Costs

The price of renting a mobile CT scanner may include additional costs, but this isn't always the case. Some additional costs may include:

  • A refundable security deposit
  • Transportation costs to and from your facility
  • Installation and de-installation costs
  • Cleaning fees

Some rental prices have these additional costs embedded into the weekly or monthly price. Make sure to closely examine rental agreements or quotes to see if these costs are included.

Interior of a mobile CT scanner trailer

Interior of a mobile CT scanner trailer

Renting a mobile system from PrizMED Imaging provides a risk-free solution to solve a number of roadblocks and concerns when considering a CT for your office.

Contact us today and get a free price quote to rent a mobile CT scanner or call 440-414-7539.