Mobile MRI Machine Rental

Rent an MRI System

Renting an MRI machine from PrizMED Imaging can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Our MRI Rental program has provided solutions for a variety of our customers. These customers had unique needs and situations that hindered or delayed the tough decision adding an MRI machine to their facility. For those customers, the PrizMED Imaging MRI Rental Program alleviated the concerns and roadblocks surrounding their decisions.

The PrizMED Imaging Rental Program offers many brands of mobile MRI equipment to fit your budget and professional needs for MRI exams. These systems are delivered to your facility and can have your medical imaging program up-and-running quickly.

High Quality MRI Machines for Rent

You won't sacrifice quality when renting one of our MRI machines for your medical imaging equipment. In fact, the rental units often provide better equipment than many budgets allow. Just a few of our available Mobile MRI Scanners include:


Benefits of Renting an MRI Machine

Our customers have many unique needs. Their feedback led to our creation of this mobile MRI trailer rental program. They've saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by choosing MRI rental over traditional purchase. Here are a few of the benefits passed along by our customers:

  • Provides a temporary solution when an MRI machine is having technical issues, construction delays, or other unfortunate situation
  • Allows for testing the viability of adding in-house MRI to a business or facility for MRI scans
  • Ability to provide mobile MRI services
  • Quickly adds mobile imaging as an offering while waiting for construction, budget approval or acquisition of funds for imaging equipment
  • Easy and economical solution for research studies or short-term portable MRI programs
  • Adds new revenue stream by performing their own scans, instead of sending them to a third-party imaging centers

Additionally, a portable MRI rental solution requires no construction, installation, or many of the other complications of installing a permanent MRI.

Renting an MRI machine from PrizMED Imaging provides you a risk-free solution to solve a number of roadblocks and concerns when considering an MRI Machine for your office.

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