Re-manufacturing CT Units - The PrizMED Imaging Way

Many companies sell machines on the secondary market, but none of them put their  machines through as rigorous a process as we deem necessary here at PrizMED Imaging Solutions.


We start by taking the table apart, cleaning and inspecting all components and reassembling it to factory standards.  All bearings, cables, connectors and mechanicals are re-manufactured or replaced if need be.  If necessary, all externally visible parts are repainted and restored to the OEM color schemes.

The tube is the centerpiece of the C/T and the most important part to the success of this unit.  The X-Ray tube high voltage ports are cleaned and greased and all lubricants in the tube are replaced.  We then run a full diagnostic test on the unit to ensure the images are of the highest quality.

The C/T skins or covers are completely repainted in our state of the art paint booth.  The interior of the gantry is also resealed and reseated if necessary.

The computer is completely cleaned and inspected.  All ports are “blown out” to ensure there is no dust or debris in the unit.  All cables are diagnosed for connectivity issues and if necessary they are replaced.  All keys, buttons, switches etc. are tested and replaced if necessary.

Before it leaves the facility, we run the unit to another set of powerful diagnostic testing to analyze the images being produced, and we then calibrate the machine to make sure it has the image specifications deemed necessary by the OEM.  Finally, as we maintain an active registration with the FDA as a medical device company, we test the dosage limiters to make sure that we adhere to the strict FDA guidelines with regard to exposure.

Our process is duplicated by other companies, but we stand by our commitment to quality and have a reputation for delivering equipment that performs at a superior level!

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