What is RF Shielding and how can PrizMED Imaging help?


PrizMED Imaging is fully equipped to help you with all of your shielding and build-out needs

When getting your facility ready to accept your new MRI equipment, it is important to note that R/F shielding is critical to the quality of your scans. Whether you are buying Philips, GE, Toshiba, Siemens or any other brand of equipment, proper shielding assists you in getting the best return on your investment, while giving you the highest quality images possible.

R/F (radio-frequency) signals are emitted by the unit, and "containing" those signals with shielding is crucial to getting the most clear, crisp images attainable from your machine. Shielding eliminates signal clutter from outside environmental factors, such as steel elevator shafts and even dumpsters or vehicles that sit outside of the facility.  R/F shielding eliminates image artifacts and impurities in your images.

All of PrizMED's installed R/F cages are tested and guaranteed 100% from any R/F leakage.

The way to contain the frequencies within the equipment room is to "shield" the room, essentially creating a leak-proof box that encloses the signals. Typically, copper sheeting is used to provide this shielding.  At PrizMED Imaging, we affix sheets of copper to wooden frames. We then solder the seams between the frames so that there are no gaps or holes where the signals could leak out. We perform the same task to the ceiling of the room. For the floor, we install a special flooring that contains all R/F signals. Finally, special R/F doors are installed, as well as R/F shielded windows for tech stations as well as the availability of natural light for the room.

There are other methods, such as using galvanized steel panels and bolted modular panels that are useful in some settings, but they are not always as effective as the copper shielding and solder-seam method.

Once the shielding is in place, it is covered with drywall and painted so that it is concealed from view. Filter panels are installed to make sure that there are no R/F leaks around cables and fixtures that surround electronic and mechanical components.

PrizMED Imaging is fully equipped to help you with all of your shielding and build-out needs as you are planning your project. It is critical to allow our experts analyze your space to make sure there are no hidden obstacles that might come into play as we prepare to install your unit.  Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Medical Architects or Shielding Experts.

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