Welcome to the Concerned Citizens in Buying a Refurbished CT Club.

What? You don't remember joining this club? No worries, you're automatically a member. In fact, everyone who's ever purchased a refurbished CT Scanner is a member. The club consists of people who want assurances, quality, and respect from their business partner.

That's not too much to ask, right?

Right. And in listening to people just like you, we have the solutions for the members of this club.

By listening to customer input and the horrible stories of broken equipment, lawsuits, and getting ripped off... we asked about what kinds of reassurances we could provide. With that "customer is always right" attitude, we've created a process with checks and balances that assures we provide the best value on a quality product... pain-free and virtually risk-free.

Of course, everyone tries to say the same thing, and how in the world do you know whom you can trust?

Our competitors say they're "the best" and they're the "industry leader". Of course they do... those things can't be proved. They are empty statements. But at PrizMED Imaging, we offer more than words. We have self-imposed restrictions, multiple third-party inspections, as well as voluntary FDA restrictions on every CT Scanner we buy, refurbish, or resell. So we’re not just saying it. We give our customers what they demand: something more than a website’s claims and a salesman’s pitch.

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So what makes PrizMED Imaging different?

Let's start with our relationship with the Food and Drug Administration: We are an FDA Registered medical device company, which means we must strictly follow all of the FDA's quality assurance standards. To do so, we have specific processes and we use factory-trained engineers to inspect, de-install, remanufacture, install, test and train customers on every CT scanner we sell. Most refurbished medical equipment dealers are not registered with the FDA. Why? It makes their job harder. We know, it makes our job harder. But it’s a great way to show our customers that we’re more than empty words and promises.

By conforming to the FDA’s standards, we cannot and do not buy or sell equipment that can't pass the FDA standards. However, there are plenty of companies that purchase this equipment and sell it to people at a slightly lower price. We don't compete on prices for these machines nor do we intend to.

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More than words... This is real

  • Our CT scanners are re-certified prior to shipment, which means the manufacturer will accept it for coverage under its own warranty or service plan
  • We use factory-trained engineers for inspection, de-installation, refurbishing/remanufacturing, repair, and installation
  • We are registered with the FDA as a medical device company. This means we must comply with strict standards for every piece of CT equipment we buy, refurbish or resell
  • Every CT Scanner is accredited through the American College of Radiation Accreditation for Computed Tomography

We deal with the best brands

PrizMED Imaging is proud to buy, repair, remanufacture, and sell high quality CT Scanners from the top manufacturers with the following available slice counts:

  • General Electric 4, 8, 16, and 64 slice
  • Philips 6, 16, 40, and 64 slice
  • Siemens 4, 6, 16, and 64 slice
  • Toshiba 4, 16, and 64 slice

Turnkey solution, or just the CT?

Your choice: We can do it all... or a la carte. From a simple inspection to managing the entire process, PrizMED Imaging manages each step with expert precision and professionalism. Choose to reduce your overall cost and risk by choosing a turnkey solution, or choose just a few of our many available services, such as:

  • Inspection
  • De-installation
  • Site Planning
  • Buildout
  • Logistics
  • Service
  • Warranty
  • Repair
  • Parts replacement
  • Applications & Training
  • Remanufacturing/Refurbishing
  • Re-Certification
  • Accreditation

Check, Double-check, triple-check

Our process is borne from our strict standards as well as FDA guidelines, re-certification requirements, and protocols for accreditation from the American College of Radiology (ACR). It's because of these standards and requirements that some machines never get past step 1. Beyond that crucial step, every measure is taken to ensure the equipment is upgraded at each successive step.

While it's expensive for us to inspect a CT Scanner, we always reject scanners with a problematic history or do not meet our strict standards and requirements. These machines often come at a bargain price, but eventually the cost and frustration of down-time and repair costs will ultimately negate any possible savings up-front for our valued customers. We know these machines find their way on the market at bargain prices, but our reputation is more important to us than making a few extra dollars.

  1. Inspection: Every CT unit we consider for purchase goes through a rigorous pre-purchase inspection. This is a key step... a historically problematic CT scanner will likely cause headaches in the future. Sometimes today's "bargain" is tomorrow's "wish I hadn't done that". We don't want someone else's lemon nor do we want to pass it to our customers.
  2. De-installation: Manufacturer-trained engineers carefully remove the system from its old site and prepare it for its new life elsewhere.
  3. Remanufacturing/Refurbishing: The CT scanner is disassembled down to its component level and fully tested. Each component is accepted, repaired, or replaced to meet manufacturer's specifications.
  4. Re-certification: The machine is then re-certified to be accepted by the manufacturer for warranty coverage.
  5. Financing: Talk to our leasing specialists on getting the best rates quickly and easily.
  6. Logistics: The CT Scanner is carefully packaged and shipped to its destination, installed, and tested.
  7. Accreditation: Technicians have the CT Scanner accredited by the ACR.
  8. Applications and Training: Applications specialists train the facility's technicians on their new CT Scanner.
  9. Warranty: Every CT Scanner is fully warranted and covered by PrizMED Imaging.
  10. Extended Service Coverage: PrizMED Imaging offers significant savings over the manufacturer on service contracts. However, because the CT scanner has been re-certified, the manufacturer will also offer its own extended service contracts. The choice is yours.

About PrizMED Imaging

PrizMED Imaging specializes in refurbished CT scanners from a variety of different manufacturers. PrizMED is an FDA-registered medical device company and must comply with the strict standards of the Food & Drug Administrations high quality assurance standards. PrizMED Imaging is one of the only companies operating in the secondary CT scanner market that can make this claim, and PrizMED has adhered to these standards since 2004.