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CT Scanner Job Site and Installation Examples

Example Installs from PrizMED Imaging

We don't just sell FDA-approved, refurbished CT scanners; PrizMED Imaging guarantees an effective installation in your hospital, clinic, or private medical imaging center.

Our goal is to make the system installation as worry-free and maintenance-free as we can.

    Our Installation Process

    You can be an expert or have zero experience with CT systems. It really doesn't matter because we will never drop off a CT scanner and say, "Here you go! Have fun!"

    Instead, we provide one-on-one technical assistance to ensure that, by the time we leave, you can start scanning patients and expect superb results.

    Installation Prep

    Purchasing a CT scanner is a cause for celebration and not for more stress or work. As such, we feature two basic options when preparing for the installation, and you can essentially choose your level of involvement.

    Option #1: We come to your site and confirm the necessary logistics of the scanner's installation, including:

    • Measuring and verifying the square footage of the planned CT exam room
    • Measuring doorways, hallways, etc, to ensure the system's transport to the exam room
    • Making sure there is the correct power settings for your system
    • Verifying the exam room's air conditioning and humidity
    • Coordinating any necessary modifications if the exam room is not optimized for your new scanner

    In the above situation, you get the bill but avoid the headaches involved with the installation's management.

    Option #2: Making full use of multimedia telecommunications, we provide step-by-step instructions to ensure that the system's operating requirements correspond with your site (see bullet points above). If the CT exam room lacks certain requirements, we'll provide easy-to-follow instructions to get the room fully prepped.

    Transporting the Scanner to Your Site

    With the logistics worked out, it's time to ship! The CT scanner travels from our manufacturing facility in Ohio to your site, where the real challenge begins.

    Traditionally, we use a forklift to maneuver the 4,000-pound system off the truck, and we may use the professional services of local, trusted specialists to help with the transport from our truck to your exam room.

    Once the scanner is safely in the exam room, we often pour an epoxy pad underneath the footprint of the scanner to create a perfectly level floor. We then bolt down the scanner and run the necessary wiring through the floor, ceiling, walls, or wherever necessary. After setting up the operator control computers and making any final touches, we turn on the CT scanner to verify that it's working just as the manufacturer says it will.


    Turning the System Over to You

    Even after the CT scanner has been successfully installed, we'll stick around for a little longer. First, we want to make sure that the scanner's radiation emissions and the exam room's radiation protections are at satisfactory levels.

    Second, our subject matter experts will often work with your on-site technicians over the course of three to five days, teaching them how to operate the new system.

    Once everyone's happy, our job is almost done. I say "almost" because we'll honor any service contracts and/or warranties, and we will come in and check the system every three months to make sure it's continuing to function correctly and admirably.


    Quick, Easy, and Non-Intrusive

    When installing a CT scanner into your hospital or clinic, we take every measure possible to minimize our interference with your normal routines. Of course, your patients won't be receiving CT scans over the course of the installation (about 7 to 10 days), but you will be able to see patients, conduct non-CT exams, and continue with your business.

    If you have any questions regarding a CT or MRI installation in your hospital or clinic, we'd be more than happy to speak with you! Talk to an expert today at 440-414-7539.