Philips Gemini 64 PET/CT

Philips Gemini 64 PET/CT

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The Philips Gemini 64 PET CT machine is the first PET/CT scanner with Expanse technology, an open gantry design that can be separated, allowing for interventional applications during scanning. Expanse technology helps reduce patient anxiety and claustrophobia while enabling independent operation of either the CT or PET component.

The Philips Gemini 64 PET CT scanner combines the anatomical data power of the Philips Brilliance CT 64 scanner with Philips ALLEGRO PET metabolic data together in fused images, allowing you to detect and diagnose even very small lesions.

Refurbished Philips Gemini 64 PET/CT Features

  • 190 cm scan length
  • Philips OpenView dual gantry aperture with 63-cm patient port
  • Full 3D PET acquisitions
  • 5 min/bed reconstruction time reduces patient throughput
  • 5mm spatial resolution to detect extremely small lesions
  • MRC tube with rapid heat dissipation for zero delays between exams
  • DoseWise and Smart Beam Management blocks X-rays that do not add to image quality
  • Fade MIP algorithm to differentiate overlying structures
  • Comfortable table with easy access for wheelchair patients
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Philips Gemini 64 PET/CT
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