Recent Installation: El Paso Emergency Vet Clinic

El Paso Emergency Vet Clinic was referred to Patterson and Prizmed by one of our current clients, Valley Vet. They reached out at the end of January and it was determined that their current quad slice GE CT unit was hard down and unrepairable. 

Within days, we had performed a site visit, a feasibility study to determine if an upgraded 64 slice scanner could work in their space, along with a site plan and design. It was also determined that the site presented a rigging and delivery challenge.

Contracts were executed and our project management team got to work. We began by expediting the order and moving their scanner to the top of our delivery list. We were able to refurbish their scanner, including new paint and complete QA testing within two weeks. We arranged for the de-installation and removal of the old scanner, the shipment and rigging into the building of the new scanner, and the installation of the new scanner. The installation was completed, along with Application Training in a span of just 24 days.

Complete coordination of our project management team made this another successful installation.

Not a month ago, El Paso was faced with a big problem. Patterson/Prizmed's Response? We got you.