DuoFLEX® Coil Suite

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The DuoFLEX® Coil Suite provides some of the most versatile flexible MRI coils available. Including 10cm coils, 24cm coils, and interventional coils, the DuoFLEX Coil Suite gives the user the ability to place a comfortable, flexible-fitting coil right over the anatomy of interest. By allowing a comfortable fit on patient anatomy without the need to change out rigid, single-anatomy coils, the DuoFLEX coils optimize patient comfort during the exam while improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) as well as the overall image quality. Even for small parts imaging, you can expect high-resolution images with reduced artifacts.

Within the DuoFLEX coil suite, there are three types of flexible MRI coils that allow comprehensive coverage of the entire anatomy. The coils in the DuoFLEX Suite include:

  • 10cm coils —allow for high-resolution small parts imaging, including fingers, the patella, and the forefoot and toes.
  • 24cm coils — can be utilized with larger musculoskeletal parts, including the shoulder, hip, knee, and cardiac.
  • Interventional coils — allow easy access for interventional procedures while providing high signal-to-noise and image quality

Because of the unique design of MR Instruments’s flexible MRI coils, you have the ability to connect a 10cm and a 24cm coil together for even more flexibility in difficult to image areas. By using both coils, you can open up the rest of the body for scanning as well, including the chest, pelvis, spine, abdomen, and the extremities.

In the past, this level of full-body scanning capabilities once required 7 or 8 rigid, anatomy-specific coils. With the DuoFLEX MRI coils, however, you can achieve optimal coverage and increased efficiency, from pediatrics to whole-body cancer scans; in other words, the DuoFLEX coils can scan any patient, any time.

Benefits of Flexible MRI Coils

In addition to the DuoFLEX coil’s optimal imaging quality, versatility, and patient comfort, these flexible MRI coils are engineered to conform to the widest variety of patient sizes without sacrificing comfort. And as any radiologist knows, an uncomfortable patient is a jittery patient, which can result in blurry images and motion artifacts. Some of the other benefits of these flexible MRI coils include:

  • Value: Replace your anatomy-specific and costly rigid coils with one, multi-purpose coil suit at a lower MRI coil price
  • Efficiency: Because you’ll no longer need to waste time switching out the rigid, anatomy-specific coils, the DuoFLEX coils can speed up patient throughput for additional studies in a single day, increasing reimbursements for quantifiable ROI
  • Quality: Image resolution is a critical component of a good set of MRI coils. Due to the design of the DuoFLEX coils, the flexible 8-channel coils capture more signal (information) and less noise, creating a clearer, sharper, and more uniform image.

The DuoFLEX flexible MRI coils are FDA approved and CE Marked in Europe for 1.5T GE and Siemens scanners, and they are approved for sale with a clinical coil I.D.

DuoFLEX Coil Suite Review:

“These are the best coils I have ever used in terms of image quality, versatility and speed of scanning. DuoFLEX® coils are capable of scanning most anything that will fit into their Field of View! In addition to our musculoskeletal needs, we use them for female pelvis, hips, brains, brachial plexus’, TMJ exams and much more!”

New DuoFLEX® Coil Suite Features

  • Flexible 8-channel coils
  • DuoFLEX Coil Suite includes 10cm24cm, and Interventional Coils
  • Connectivity between 10cm and 24cm coils for greater anatomical coverage
  • Interventional Coil for invasive MR procedures
  • Parallel Imaging Acceleration
  • Includes assorted positioning straps and pads
  • 10cm x 10cm Coil Set
  • 24cm x 24cm Coil Set
  • Weight – 2.3kg with connection box
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DuoFLEX® Coil Suite
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