Mobile Philips Intera/Achieva 1.5T Nova MRI Scanner

  • * Starting at $275,000

2004 Philips Intera/Achieva 1.5 Nova MRI scanner located in a Calumet Coach 

Refurbished Mobile with 4000 miles on the hub with new treads. 

Features include:

  • 8 channel RF CDAS
  • Dual 271 Copley Water Cooled Gradients
  • Software is with ScanCards

Coil Package contains:

  • 8 Channel Neurovascular Coil SENSE 5 Channel Spine
  • 8 Channel SENSE Knee Coil SENSE Flex Body Coil
  • SENSE Flex Medium Coil SENSE Cardiac Coil
  • Quad Head Coil
  • Medrad Spectrus Solaris Dual Head Injector


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