Head Coil Mirrors

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Give your patients an optimal level of comfort with a set of MRI head coil mirrors for your MR Instruments 16-channel and 32-channel head coils. These mirrors offer an outside view of the scanner, reducing patient claustrophobia and, ultimately, discomfort during the exam. A more comfortable patient means a stiller patient, reducing the chances of motion artifacts and sub-optimal image quality during the exam.

With both forward facing and rear viewing head coil mirrors available, users and radiologists can easily mount the right mirror for the specific exam type. The MR Instruments head coil mirrors are compatible with the 32-channel head coil and the 16-channel head coil. They are easily detachable and mountable, ensuring less downtime and increased patient throughput.

New Head Coil Mirrors Features

  • Mirrors offer an “outside view” of the scanner
  • Reduces patient discomfort
  • Reduces patient claustrophobia
  • Forward facing mirror
  • Rear facing mirror
  • Compatible with MR Instruments 16-channel and 32-channel MRI head coils
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Head Coil Mirrors
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