Hitachi Airis II Open

Hitachi Airis II Open

* Starting at $215,000

The Hitachi Airis II is known as a leader among open MRIs, and for veterinary medicine purposes, it serves as a high-performance, cost-effective solution to diagnostic MRI imaging. With its 0.3T permanent magnet, the Hitachi Airis II is also regarded for its low maintenance requirements, consistent image quality and reliability, and broad capabilities among veterinary applications and for large and small pets, as well as farm and exotic animals.

One of the most striking aspects of the Hitachi Airis II open veterinary MRI is its innovative gantry design, complete with a wide table for delivering a high level of comfort for both smaller and larger patients.

Hitachi Airis II Veterinary Open MRI Features

  • Open 0.3T permanent magnet, cryogen free
  • LCD Monitor
  • Operator workscreen flat screen monitor
  • Small 5G footprint – 6.6ft. horizontal x 8.2ft. vertical
  • No Equipment room or chiller required
  • 388 sq. ft. minimum site plan
  • 208v single phase power
  • Low 3KW average power consumption
  • Open patient accessibility
  • 80cm wide patient table
  • 18” minimum table height
  • 500 lb weight capacity

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Hitachi Airis II Open
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