GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T

GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T

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The refurbished GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T MRI machine is an 8-channel system introduced as one of the more innovative MRI scanners when it was introduced to the market. A used GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T provides improved image clarity, enhanced clinical applications and productivity advantages, all within a comprehensive diagnostic platform. GE EXCITE™ technology boosts speed and resolution beyond the limits of conventional MRI scanners while providing high levels of magnetic field homogeneity and stability.

Purchasing a used GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T MRI machine will enable your practice to offer the advanced MRI procedures that simplify even the toughest patient cases. Among these are GE’s exclusive, specialized applications LAVA, PROPELLER, VIBRANT and MR Echo. The GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T MRI features open RF architecture,with the industry’s largest selection of multi-channel coils, optimized for parallel imaging, as well as an advanced workstation with true simultaneity for unsurpassed clinical productivity.

GE Signa Excite 1.5T MRI Scanner Review

The GE Signa Excite 1.5T refurbished MRI scanner is well known for its high resolution brain imaging,neck, and spine imaging at a very good price.

Refurbished GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T Features

  • Generous 60cm patient opening and full 48cm field-of-view
  • Reduced rescanning/redundant exams due to patient or organ motion
  • Docking table and dual-sided controls for efficiency and patient safety
  • True parallel processing and ultra-fast reconstruction for high productivity workflow
  • PROPELLER for consistent image quality in head studies, even with moving, pediatric, elderly or confused patients
  • VIBRANT (Volume Imaging for Breast AssessmeNT) for high-definition bilateral breast imaging
  • phaseXact automatically selects the cardiac phase that displays the least amount of motion
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GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T
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