Philips Achieva 1.5T SE

Philips Achieva 1.5T SE

* Starting at $183,150


The Philips Achieva 1.5T SE MRI machine is a low-cost, compact MR imaging system with a patient-friendly design.

A scalable RF receiver, parallel imaging, powerful gradients and a large field of view are standard.

The Philips Achieva 1.5T SE MRI also features PowerSave, which ensures the machine uses energy only when needed. PowerSave can reduce your energy costs as much as 50% over comparable MRI systems.

Refurbished Philips Achieva 1.5T SE Features

  • 33mTm peak on axis
  • 80 mT/m/ms slew rate
  • 8 RF channel standard configuration
  • Windows XP OS with 3GB internal memory
  • Advanced viewing and processing tools
  • One-click SmartExam technology for repeatable results
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Philips Achieva 1.5T SE
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