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GE 1.0T LX

GE 1.0T LX

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The GE 1.0T LX Mobile MRI system is a high-performance whole body imaging device. This mobile MRI system includes an innovative magnet design intended to provide an open experience for patients without compromising the clinical performance of the system during high resolution, high SNR whole body applications.
Product features:
  • 1.0T Tesla Actively Shielded Magnet
  • 9.X Level System Software, including 9.1
  • HiSpeed 8645 Gradient Amplifiers
  • 8 x 48 Ellis and Watts Coach Trailer
  • Flat Panel Display Monitors
  • DryView Kodak Camera
  • Phased Array Coil Capability
  • LX System Octane Computer, 10x, 12x
  • Multiple Scanning Options Available