Siemens Somatom Definition 64

  • * Starting at $208,000

The 2010 Siemens Definition 64 Slice CT scanner is one of the latest models available from Siemens. This Siemens Definition  64 Slice CT system for sale offers precise images, streamlined workflow for shortest time to diagnosis, and intelligent applications that are easy to use for more confidence in less time, and the lowest dose possible with Siemens CARE Dose4D and SAFIRE low dose technology. Siemens CARE Dose4D low dose technology reduces patient radiation by up to 70%.

Specifications: - 78cm Gantry aperture; - OIL/AIR, OIL/WATER tube cooling; - 100-80kW output; - Range: 28-665mA (optional 800); - Max load capacity 227 (299 Optional); - Reconstruction matrices 512x512;

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