Siemens Emotion 6 Slice

Siemens Emotion 6 Slice

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Designed for faster scanning and ease-of-use, the Siemens SOMATOM Emotion 6-slice CT scanner has proved to be an optimal system for imaging both large and small domestic animals.

The Emotion 6-slice is equipped with advanced clinical applications, a high-speed patient gantry and high power reserves. As a result, the Emotion 6-slice allows your veterinary clinic to provide fast, high-quality imaging. Additionally, with its 4D CARE Dose technology, the Emotion 6-slice features an average dose reduction of 68%.

PrizMED Imaging SOMATOM Emotion 6 CT Scanner Review:

The SOMATOM Emotion 6 is among the more advanced low-slice-count CT scanners for image quality and speed. It can perform well in a high-volume facility. Additionally, the SOMATOM brand is known for its high-quality images, and we believe the Emotion 6 is one of the more elite units in the low-slice CT scanner market.

Refurbished Siemens SOMATOM Emotion 6 Features

  • Syngo user interface enhances lung and cardiac care
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Ideal for image-guided interventions
  • Equipped with an air-cooled, high-speed patient gantry
  • Fast 3D-processing tools
  • Includes the SureView™ multislice image reconstruction system
  • Reduced patient radiation exposure

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Siemens Emotion 6 Slice
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