Canon-Toshiba Asteion 4

Canon-Toshiba Asteion 4

We're sorry, but based on equipment viability and supply, we no longer offer this equipment.  Please contact us for an alternative solution. Description

The refurbished Toshiba Asteion 4-slice CT scanner provides a great value for performance as a 4-slice CT scanner. A used Toshiba Asteion 4 was the first of its kind to offer tilted scanning, which offers a wider variety of options for the CT technician. The Asteion includes SUREexposure technology that ensures the lowest possible dose while returning high-quality images.

The Asteion has flexible options for speed and accuracy of the scan, as well as a focus on increased patient comfort.

PrizMed Imaging Toshiba Asteion 4-slice CT Scanner Review:

We recommend the Asteion 4 as a good quality, budget CT scanner. It provides high-quality images and its Guided Mode technology expedites the scanning process and helps ensure a complete, quality exam.

Refurbished Toshiba Asteion 4 Features

  • Guided Mode for efficiency and ergonomics
  • 0.75 seconds per rotation
  • 4 x 0.5mm slice thickness
  • SUREexposure dose regulation technology
  • Tilted helical up to 30°
  • SUREScan real-time helical scanning at 12 frames/second
  • 4.0 MHU X-Ray tube
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Canon-Toshiba Asteion 4
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