GE Discovery CT750 HD

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The GE Discovery CT750 HD CT machine produces high definition images at up to 230 micron resolution, enhancing visualization of smaller structures, for improved diagnostic confidence.

Purchasing a refurbished GE Discovery CT750 HD CT scanner, with GE’s exclusive Gemstone™ detector, will improve your clinical detection and diagnosis imaging capability by up to 33% for body scans and up to 47% in the heart, while decreasing patient radiation dosages by as much as 50%.

Refurbished GE Discovery CT750 HD Features

  • Gemstone™ detector for high resolution images
  • Exceptional resolution and clarity to view the finest details
  • Operates at up to a 50% dose reduction
  • 33% increase in spatial resolution across the whole body
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Gantry aperture: 70cm
Heat storage with OIL/AIR Tube cooling: 8MHU
Output: 100kW
Range: 10 to 835ma
Max load capacity: 225 +/- 0.25mm
Reconstruction Matrices: 512x512

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GE Discovery CT750 HD
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