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GE Signa HDi 1.5T

GE Signa HDi 1.5T

  • * Starting at $176,220.00


The GE Signa HDi 1.5T MRI system is a versatile, high quality imaging system that enables in-phase and out-of-phase images in a single breathhold. Designed for continuous upgradeability, a refurbished GE Signa HDi 1.5T MRI machine is a wise purchase that offers solid return on investment.

Each used GE Signa HDi 1.5T MRI system is equipped with a Liberty Docking System. The Liberty enables patient preparation and care outside the examination room, and provides for increased productivity when utilized with a second examination table.

Refurbished GE Signa HDi 1.5T Features

  • Excellent image quality
  • Fast exams
  • Broad range of advanced premium applications
  • Liberty Docking System