Toshiba Alexion 16

Toshiba Alexion 16

* Starting at $1,650,000


The Toshiba Alexion 16 Slice CT Scanner is designed to deliver exceptional performance in a compact and cost-effective package. Engineered to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers, the Alexion combines advanced imaging capabilities with ease of use and efficient workflow, making it an ideal choice for facilities that require high patient throughput and superior diagnostic accuracy.

The Alexion 16 offers high-resolution imaging, rapid scan times, and a range of post-processing applications to support comprehensive diagnostic evaluations. It incorporates Toshiba’s latest dose reduction technologies, ensuring patient safety without compromising image quality. This scanner is built for versatility, providing reliable performance for a wide range of clinical applications.


  • Small footprint of just 10.4 m²
  • 16-detector rows enable high-quality 3D and MPR imaging
  • Includes AIDR (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction) technology
  • Capable of reconstructing up to 15 images per second
  • Automated bone removal and real-time imaging 
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Gantry aperture: 72cm
Heat storage with AIR Tube cooling: 4MHU
Output: 42kW
Range: 10 to 8300ma
Max load capacity: 205 +/- 0.25mm
Reconstruction Matrices: 512x512

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Toshiba Alexion 16
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