Philips Brilliance 6 Slice

Philips Brilliance 6 Slice

  • * Starting at $26,730

Known as the workhorse machine for regular applications at veterinary clinics for both large and small animals, the Philips Brilliance 6 slice veterinary CT scanner provides optimal image quality and efficiency. Achieving 6 images per second reconstruction, you can scan more patients throughout the day while providing comfort and imaging precision.

Featuring DoseWise technology, the Brilliance 6 CT scanner allows an ideal radiation dose efficiency, providing the highest image quality at the lowest dose. You can also take advantage of the Brilliance Workspace, a combination of visualization and scanning capacities developed specifically for multi-slice CT.

PrizMED Imaging Expert CT Scanner Review:

We like the Philips Brilliance 6 multislice CT scanner for its efficiency and history of being a reliable, high-performance CT. It is scalable and has a high resale value compared to its competitors. We recommend the refurbished Brilliance 6 because it s an attractive low-cost option for a used multislice CT.

Refurbished Philips Brilliance 6 Features

  • Philips Brilliance Workspace
  • 5.0 MHU MRC x-ray tube
  • 6 image-per-second reconstruction
  • .75 second rotation
  • 48kw generator
  • Scalable platform for growth and future applications
  • DICOM connectivity
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