Philips Brilliance 6 Slice

Philips Brilliance 6 Slice

We're sorry, but based on equipment viability and supply, we no longer offer this equipment.  Please contact us for an alternative solution. 

Known as the workhorse machine for regular applications at veterinary clinics for both large and small animals, the Philips Brilliance 6 slice veterinary CT scanner provides optimal image quality and efficiency. Achieving 6 images per second reconstruction, you can scan more patients throughout the day while providing comfort and imaging precision.

Featuring DoseWise technology, the Brilliance 6 CT scanner allows an ideal radiation dose efficiency, providing the highest image quality at the lowest dose. You can also take advantage of the Brilliance Workspace, a combination of visualization and scanning capacities developed specifically for multi-slice CT.

PrizMED Imaging Expert CT Scanner Review:

We like the Philips Brilliance 6 multislice CT scanner for its efficiency and history of being a reliable, high-performance CT. It is scalable and has a high resale value compared to its competitors. We recommend the refurbished Brilliance 6 because it s an attractive low-cost option for a used multislice CT.

Refurbished Philips Brilliance 6 Features

  • Philips Brilliance Workspace
  • 5.0 MHU MRC x-ray tube
  • 6 image-per-second reconstruction
  • .75 second rotation
  • 48kw generator
  • Scalable platform for growth and future applications
  • DICOM connectivity
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Philips Brilliance 6 Slice
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