Canon-Toshiba Aquilion 64 CFX

Canon-Toshiba Aquilion 64 CFX

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Aquilion 64 CFX computed tomography (CT) system optimized for examination of the coronary arteries. The Aquilion 64 CFX features Toshiba's unique 64-row Quantum detector for simultaneous 64-slice scanning with spatial resolution of 0.35 mm, volume imaging capabilities and proprietary software applications designed to automate complex diagnostic cardiac studies.

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Gantry aperture: 72cm
Heat storage with OIL/AIR Tube cooling: 7.5MHU
Output: 60kw
Max load capacity: 205+/- 2.5
Reconstruction matrices: 512x512

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Canon-Toshiba Aquilion 64 CFX
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