GE LightSpeed VCT Select

GE LightSpeed VCT Select

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This 2010 GE LightSpeed Select VCT provides up to a total of 32-slice acquisition per rotation. Equipped with Micro Voxel technology, Vari-Speed technology, and OptiDose management. Maximum coverage speed of 175mm/sec with 1.25mm slices, and 87.5mm/sec with .625mm slices. Sub-mm routine scanning with image thickness selections as thin as .625mm for optimum lesion detection facilitates and the use of thinner images for volume presentations.

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Gantry aperture: 70cm
Heat storage with OIL/AIR Tube cooling: 8MHU
Output: 100kW
Range: 10 to 800ma
Max load capacity: 227 +/- 0.25mm
Reconstruction Matrices: 512x512

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GE LightSpeed VCT Select
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