Philips Panorama 0.23T

Philips Panorama 0.23T

We're sorry, but based on equipment viability and supply, we no longer offer this equipment. Please contact us for an alternative solution.


2003 Philips' Panorama 0.23 T I/T supports MR-guided interventions, resulting in minimally invasive procedures, more targeted surgery, reduced recovery time and shorter hospital stays. Optional OptoGuide functionality enables real-time needle tracking.

PrizMed Imaging Philips Panorama .23T MRI machine review:

This is a solid open MRI system that has a low price and is less expensive to maintain than other MRI systems. It’s cooling method and ability to power-down saves in long-term expenses, making this an excellent system for the budget-conscious buyer.

The Panorama .23 MRI is ideal for general imaging centers as well as spinal and orthopedic clinics.


- Field Strength: 0.23T

- Configuration: Open MRI/C-arm;

- Synchronization: Respiratory Gating, ECG/Peripheral Optional;

- Imaging modes: Multi-Stack 3D, Multi-Chunk 3D, SIMEX, Dynamic, Volume Study, Multi-Slice, Single;

- FOV: 0.4mm;

- Magnet type: Resistive/Iron Core;

- Bore diameter:Open x 46 cm x infinite (side-first patient entry);

- Magnet weight: 13 110 kg;

- Dimension: 196 x 121 x 176 cm;

- Power requirements: 400/480V;

- Cooling system: Closed-Loop Chilled Water;

- Strength: 19 mT/m;

- 5 Guass Fringe Field: 2.4m/3.7m

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