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Philips Panorama 0.23T

Philips Panorama 0.23T

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2003 Philips' Panorama 0.23 T I/T supports MR-guided interventions, resulting in minimally invasive procedures, more targeted surgery, reduced recovery time and shorter hospital stays. Optional OptoGuide functionality enables real-time needle tracking.


- Field Strength: 0.23T

- Configuration: Open MRI/C-arm;

- Synchronization: Respiratory Gating, ECG/Peripheral Optional;

- Imaging modes: Multi-Stack 3D, Multi-Chunk 3D, SIMEX, Dynamic, Volume Study, Multi-Slice, Single;

- FOV: 0.4mm;

- Magnet type: Resistive/Iron Core;

- Bore diameter:Open x 46 cm x infinite (side-first patient entry);

- Magnet weight: 13 110 kg;

- Dimension: 196 x 121 x 176 cm;

- Power requirements: 400/480V;

- Cooling system: Closed-Loop Chilled Water;

- Strength: 19 mT/m;

- 5 Guass Fringe Field: 2.4m/3.7m