Philips Panorama 1.0T

Philips Panorama 1.0T

  • * Starting at $290,000

The refurbished 2008 Philips Panorama 1.0T  MRI machine is an open MR imaging system with a unique 360-degree panoramic viewing angle and 160 cm-wide patient aperture. The open design is for increased patient comfort, particularly for those with claustrophobic issues.


- Field Strength: 1.0T

- Configuration: Vertical Field Open MRI post design;

- Synchronization: Respiratory Gating, ECG/Peripheral Optional/Yes;

- Imaging modes: Multi-Stack 3D, Multi-Chunk 3D, SIMEX, Dynamic, Volume Study, Multi-Slice, Single;

- FOV: 0.4cm - 42cm;

- Magnet type: Superconducting;

- Bore diameter:Open x 47 cm x infinite (side-first patient entry); 

- Power requirements: 400/480V;

- Cooling system: Liquid Helium;

- Strength: 20 mT/m;


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