Philips Panorama .23T Open MRI

Philips Panorama .23T Open MRI

  • * Starting at $81,180


The refurbished Philips Panorama .23T Open MRI is a low-cost Open MRI machine.

The used Panorama .23T MRI scanner is a low-field open MRI that is designed to provide a solution for obese and claustrophobic patients, while maintaining very good image quality. Additionally, it is a resistive magnet, which allows it to be powered down when not in-use, saving your electric resources.

The Philips Panorama .23T MRI also saves money because it is not helium-cooled, which saves costly cryogen fills.

PrizMed Imaging Philips Panorama .23T MRI machine review:

This is a solid open MRI system that has a low price and is less expensive to maintain than other MRI systems. It’s cooling method and ability to power-down saves in long-term expenses, making this an excellent system for the budget-conscious buyer.

The Panorama .23 MRI is ideal for general imaging centers as well as spinal and orthopedic clinics.

Refurbished Philips Panorama .23T Open MRI Features

Imaging Modes:

  • Single
  • Multislice
  • Volume
  • Dynamic
  • Multichunk 3D
  • Multiple Stacks

Resistive Core Magnet
46cm Open Bore
Closed-Loop chilled-water cooled
Up to 50 slices/sec

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