GE Lightspeed Plus 4

GE Lightspeed Plus 4

* Starting at $22,770

The GE Lightspeed Plus 4-slice mobile CT scanner is well-regarded among physicians and radiologists for its ability to provide exceptionally clear image quality, reduced scanning times, and accurate non-invasive diagnoses. The Lightspeed 4-slice scanner is suitable for a variety of clinical exams, and with its speed and image quality, this scanner aims to reduce operating cuts, improve your departmental productivity, and increase your diagnosis confidence.

Through the incorporation of a vari-speed H2 gantry, the GE Lightspeed CT scanner offers an average scan time of around 0.5 seconds. This faster scan time enables shorter breath holds for your patients and, overall, more comfortable exams. Furthermore, because the faster scan time reduces image distortion caused by moving organs, such as the lungs or the heart, you’ll experience a reduced occurrence of rescans due to patient motion.

Oftentimes the decision between the QX/i and the Lightspeed Plus comes down to availability. While the Lightspeed Plus advantage is a newer system, with a newer gantry design and slightly faster scan times… most of the other specifications remain the same. So the price and availability become one of the key factors in deciding on a GE Lightspeed 4-slice CT Scanner.
Product features:
  • 0.5 second scan
  • 6.3 MHU Tube

  • 70cm Aperture
  • Solid state detectors
  • Table 450 lbs max. weight
  • DICOM 3
  • 53 kW HF generator
  • Software: Smart-Prep, Smart-Score Pro, Smart-Speed, Helical-Tilt, Thin Twin Helical, Recon. Plus, Auto mA, Power 400 mA, and Connect-Pro. Direct 3D, Navigator, & Denta-Scan Imaging packages
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GE Lightspeed Plus 4
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