Toshiba 1.5T Excelart Short Bore

Toshiba 1.5T Excelart Short Bore

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Featuring a 17% larger aperture (65.5cm wide bore) for increased patient comfort and a 1.5T superconducting magnet, the Toshiba 1.5T Excelart Short Bore mobile MRI is a powerful MRI that provides the best of both worlds: patient comfort and speedy, powerful, and efficient imaging capabilities. The Toshiba 1.5T Excelart is also known as one of the world’s quietest MR imaging systems, reducing acoustic noise by up to 90%.To further optimize comfort when the patient is in the bore, this MRI also features the following:


  • Adjustable lighting and ventilation
  • Audio system
  • Patient emergency response system
  • Patient camera monitoring
Each used Toshiba Excelart 1.5T MRI machine features a 17% larger aperture for increased patient comfort and SPEEDER parallel imaging technology which reduces scan times while preserving excellent image quality.
Product features:
  • Whole body MRI
  • 65.5cm cylindrical wide bore
  • Short Bore
  • Superconducting magnet
  • 1.5 Tesla
  • Line Voltage: 208, 300 A or 480, 150 A
  • Cryogen refill frequency: Refill =1 year; liquid Helium
  • Reduction technology: Vacuum enclosed gradient coils (Pianissimo)
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Toshiba 1.5T Excelart Short Bore
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