Toshiba Titan 1.5T

Toshiba Titan 1.5T

* Starting at $338,580

The Toshiba Titan 1.5T mobile MRI system aims to provide exceptional patient and user comfort while delivering superior image quality, speeds, and ease-of-use. This Toshiba mobile MRI features 71cm aperture, open-bore design for obese and larger patients. Also, the Titan 1.5T MRI has the largest clinical field-of-view (FOV) of any ultra-short, open-bore system – 55 x 55 x 50 cm FOV.

Some other user- and patient-friendly features of the Titan 1.5T mobile MRI include:

  • 30 dB acoustic noise reduction
  • 43 cm low patient couch
  • Light and flexible patient coils
  • Integrated armrests for easy needle application
  • Integrated armrests for easy needle application

In terms of performance, the Titan 1.5T mobile MRI also makes full use of its powerful 30/130 gradient platform, which helps produce higher resolution images and a homogeneity specification of two parts per million. Additionally, with the intuitive M-Power technology, the Toshiba Titan 1.5T mobile MRI aims to ease workflow and make efficiency a standard part of your practice.

Product features:
  • Unique field-of-view of 55 x 55 x 50cm
  • 18% larger open bore
  • 30/130 gradient platform
  • Pianissimo technology reduces acoustic noise
  • Fresh Blood Imaging
  • Time Space Angiography (TSA) and Contrast-Free Improved Angiography (CIA)
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Toshiba Titan 1.5T
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