Siemens Sensation 4

Siemens Sensation 4

We're sorry, but based on equipment viability and supply, we no longer offer this equipment.  Please contact us for an alternative solution. 

The refurbished 2004 Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 4 CT scanner is an entry-level multislice CT scanner. It is an excellent choice as a low-price CT scanner as it delivers quality images quickly. A used Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 4 CT scanner provides 160 slices in a 20 second breath hold and 1.5 slices/second real-time image reconstruction.

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70cm Gantry aperture: 70cm
Heat storage with WATER tube cooling: 5.3 MHU
Output: 60kw
Range: 28mA
Max load capacity: 200
Reconstruction matrices: 512x512

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Siemens Sensation 4
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