Siemens Sensation 40

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The 2004 Siemens Sensation 40 features include: 0.33mm isotropic resolution (standard), 0.24mm isotropic resolution (with z-UHR option), Cardiac imaging rotation time of .33 seconds, UDF detectors, Spiral artifact-free imaging, STRATON X-ray tube technology, z-Sharp technology, Routine exam detection of soft plaques, 70% reduction in radiation dose, Sub-millimeter coverage: 87 mm/s, Data Acquisition (slices/rotation): 40, Generator peak power: 80 kW, CARE Dose4D;

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Gantry aperture: 70cm
Heat storage with OIL/AIR tube cooling: 8 MHU
Output: 60kw
Range: 28 to 665mA
Max load capacity: 200
Reconstruction matrices: 512x512

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Siemens Sensation 40
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