Toshiba Aquilion Premium

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The Toshiba Aquilion Premium CT machine is one of the newest models in the Toshiba Aquilion line and was introduced in 2009. Designed with the latest leading-edge computed tomography technology, as well as the ergonomic features that will speed your clinic’s productivity while increasing patient comfort. Our refurbished Toshiba Aquilion Premium CT scanners have extremely wide patient couches that can hold patients up to 660 pounds with 160mm of coverage.

Considered one of the most powerful machines on the market today, the Toshiba Aquilion Premium CT scanner is also one of the fastest. Its enhanced DICOM connectivity enables transfer of up to 1,200 images in just 20 seconds – up to 10 times faster than some other systems.

Refurbished Toshiba Aquilion Premium Features

  • Access to a very comprehensive set of advanced clinical applications
  • 320 slices per rotation using coneXact 3D volume reconstruction
  • 160-detector row scanner
  • Industry's best low contrast resolution of 2mm @ 0.3%
  • 8 cm coverage per gantry rotation
  • Upgradable to 160mm coverage
  • Patient couch with 661 pound capacity
  • Storage capacity of up to 800,000 images
  • Enhanced DICOM can transfer 1,200 images in 20 seconds
  • Front and optional rear table foot switches
  • Enables scans for a wide variety of patient body types
  • Enhanced automation and visualization capabilities
  • phaseXact automatically selects the cardiac phase that displays the least amount of motion
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Toshiba Aquilion Premium
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