GE LX High-Speed 1.5T mobile

GE LX High-Speed 1.5T mobile

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The GE LX High-Speed 1.5T mobile MRI system is packed with features to optimize MR imaging quality, patient and user comfort, and streamlined workflows for superior efficiency. This 4-channel MRI system includes multiple coils, including head, CTL, quadrature, knee, and shoulder.
The GE LX High-Speed 1.5T mobile MRI is available as a Short Bore MRI version or Midbore SV MRI version. Additionally, with its intuitive workstation-based operator console, the user can expect both optimum productivity and high performance.
Product features:
  • 1.5T Short Bore LCC/K4 Magnet round covers
  • SGD 23 mT/m Gradients
  • LX Octane SGI Workstation with 18 GB Hard drive
  • Color LCD Monitor
  • Advanced Concept Gradient Driver (ACGD) with Echo Speed Plus upgrade (33mT/M, SR120)
  • Scalable Radio Frequency Driver (SRFD) Digital
  • Zerboiloff technology
  • Slew Rate 77/120
  • LX Octane Computer
  • Phased Array
  • 60cm Body Coil
  • Systems cabinet w/UCERD
  • Compact PDU
  • Phased Array 4 channel
  • DICOM 3.0 (Store, Query/Retrieve, Archive and Print)
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GE LX High-Speed 1.5T mobile
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